About Us


BARK (Billy’s Act of Random Kindness) was founded by Billy Katiyo, a beneficiary of a number of random acts which were extended to him during his youth days. Billy, together with family and friends, now plough kindness back into the community that raised him…

Billy Katiyo

Formation of BARK

Billy, family and friends decided to formalise their operations through forming and registering an organisation. Bark has been operating in Zimbabwe since 2016, however, it was formerly registered in December 2019 in UK.


The objective of the BARK is to work with local organisations, individuals and programmes to promote sports provision in marginalised communities and early childhood and junior education.

BARK is made up of volunteers, sponsors and business partners.


BARK’s work includes shipping clothes, shoes, and sports equipment from the UK to Zimbabwe, organising sports events ad tournaments, arrange monthly trips and visits, and raise money through the BARK Scholarship fund to help pay for children’s schools fees.

BARK is also able to create employment, improve recreational activities, impact rural and peri-urban education, volunteering at homes, events and in activities such as clean up campaigns.


To date BARK has worked with institutions and schools in Norton, Chegutu, Mrehwa and Harare. In terms of demographics, BARK is more focused on bettering lives irrelevant of age. Anyone marginalised can benefit from BARKS support and programmes

The Team


Tafara Chipamaunga


I am blessed to in this position where I can continue with my dreams to hep children. My drive began after I had become the 3rd black Zimbabwean cricketer to to offered a contract overseas. I wanted to share my dreams with other young black cricketers who had the talent and desire to succeed. Some of those were forced by the economical situation to find employment, drawn illegal employment to fend for their families. I did not want this opportunity to go unshared and at least give a few a chance of lifetime.

I am blessed to continue working with less fortunate children and families as a Child Protection legal officer for Sheffield City Council. After studying Law and Social Work, my desire is to continue protecting the rights of children and providing them with as many opportunities as possible.

Billy Katiyo

Billy Katiyo

Founder and Director



Kathy and Kathryn

Scholarship Directors

Two swimming teachers that have done the tour to Zimbabwe and are responsible for the Scholarship programme. There ensure that donors are always up to date with the progress of the children.
They put system in place to protect the children and those that work around them.


Luigi Mansi

Operations and Marketing director

Luigi was part of a team that went to Zimbabwe and set some structures in place.He is a very much hands on and has managed to link the Charity with some resourceful contacts such as Surrey University etc. As a health and safety manager in his daily work this sits well with the charity .We are honoured to have him on board


Victor Mubaira

Grant Manager

Director of 3 companies working in transportation,construction and Healthcare industries. A strong business development professional with great passion in charitable work .


Richard Forster

Secretary Director

Richard has been with the charity since the registration and was part of a team that went to Zimbabwe to see the work first hand. Richard is a school teacher who has very strong administration skills


Chris Porter


Chris a Sports manager with very good administration skills from one of the top schools.
Chris will be helping the charity to get more recognition with private schools with the hope that they can assist the projects we do.