About Us


Billy Katiyo

BARK (Billy’s Act of Random Kindness) was founded by Billy Katiyo, a beneficiary of a number of random acts which were extended to him during his youth days. Billy, together with family and friends, now plough kindness back into the community that raised him…

Formation of BARK

Billy, family and friends decided to formalise their operations through forming and registering an organisation. Bark has been operating in Zimbabwe since 2016, however, it was formerly registered in December 2018 and currently going through UK charity status.


The objective of the BARK is to work with local organisations, individuals and programmes to promote sports provision in marginalised communities and early childhood and junior education.

BARK is made up of volunteers, sponsors and business partners.


BARK’s work includes shipping clothes, shoes, and sports equipment from the UK to Zimbabwe, organising sports events ad tournaments, arrange monthly trips and visits, and raise money through the BARK Scholarship fund to help pay for children’s schools fees.

BARK is also able to create employment, improve recreational activities, impact rural and peri-urban education, volunteering at homes, events and in activities such as clean up campaigns.


To date BARK has worked with institutions and schools in Norton, Chegutu, Mrehwa and Harare. In terms of demographics, BARK is more focused on bettering lives irrelevant of age. Anyone marginalised can benefit from BARKS support and programmes

The Team

Jacqueline Katiyo


Financial Advisor

Jacqueline Katiyo is a Financial advisor with strong combination of creative thinking and excellent skills with 13 years of banking experience who can easily adapt to the environment. She is also someone who strongly possess an ability to multi- task. A team player, result driven with good communication and interpersonal skills. Commitment is her strength.

Adam Mari



An economist by profession, Adam, has taken part in community development programs and strives to go against challenges. He is a self-motivated individual with a passion of learning more about anything. Motto: We are our own creators!

Blessings Kusangaya



Blessing Kusangaya is an experienced IT with good management and intra personal skills which are key to or cause. Blessing has a 14year period of success in the IT sector with significant technical and administrative skills. He has managed many IT projects of systems implementation and networking nature to completion.

Catherine Magoge


Legal Advisor

Catherine Magoge an Attorney at Law registered by the law society of Zimbabwe, specialising in employment and commercial law. Catherine runs her own law practice based in Avondale. She is a founding Trustee of Zimbabwe Cancer Carers Trust of Zimbabwe. She is also a founder of Life In Abundance.

Fidelis Magama


Project Management

Strengths: Project Management, Creative Direction, Leadership.

Motto: Be formidable or be forgotten. Audacity

PROFESSION: Architect, Master Builder (Newcastle (Australia), Wits (South Africa))

John Muringani



President of Zimbabwe Table Tennis Union, Sports Director of Special Olympics Zimbabwe. Sports Administrator and a full time Volunteer. Great passion in sports and volunteering. My greatest wish is to see the disadvantaged, advantaged using sports to drive the objectives.